How to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

No doubt you’ve heard about Deanna Jump, the Georgia Kindergarten teacher who became a self-made millionaire by selling her lesson plans on ‘Teachers Pay Teachers‘, the open marketplace where educators buy, sell and share original teaching resources.

Perhaps you’re thinking about selling on Teachers Pay Teachers to make some extra cash on the side or you’re considering taking it to the limit and making it a full time job. (If you achieve this, message me. Seriously.)

To get you started in the right direction I’ve curated eight posts with step-by-step tutorials, instructions, tips, wisdom from experience and cautionary advice about how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Let’s Go!

1. Deanna Jump’s Ten Tips to Make a Million Bucks – Betsy Corcoran asked Deanna about her ten tips. Who better to learn from than the #1 top seller on the site?

2. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on Teachers Pay Teachers – Chris Kesler started the blog, ‘TpT School’. In this post he shares seven reasons why he loves being a seller, talks about setting up systems for success and shares seven things he wishes he had known as a new seller.

3. Earn $ for Classroom Materials: Teachers Pay Teachers and the DIY Economy – Rachel Lynette is in the top ten sellers list on TpT. In this Edutopia piece she explains how much money you can make and provides tips to get you started, including finding your niche and networking.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers YouTube Channel – Kayse Morris has enjoyed some success with the site and has started a YouTube Channel to help others get started. If you prefer watching videos to reading, this is for you.

5. Top Tips for New Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers – Marlia Hollowell at ‘Playdough to Plato’ steps you through identifying your target market, establishing your social media presence and creating a product your market will love. She also shares fifteen tips from her pals who also sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

6. Getting Started on TPT – Erica Bohrer has written a comprehensive post starting with a reality check about not getting rich quickly and the amount of time and effort required to be successful. She has then provided an amazing step-by-step tutorial to get started with a very business-like approach, including recommendations for using commercial graphics and fonts. Her post is peppered with links to other tutorials, resources and TpT sellers. If you’re serious about making a start, this is a must read.

7. Teachers Pay Teachers: Is There a Better Way? – Core Learning Exchange offers a critique of the site. Keep in mind they are in competition with TpT, however the post raises some valid considerations.

8. Issues About Making and Selling Educational Products on TeachersPayTeachers – Thanh Tran, who writes at ‘Lost Teacher Tools’ provides a balanced commentary of the debates about making, selling and sharing on TpT. She also provides helpful information about copyright and creative commons.

Do you have experience in selling on Teachers Pay Teachers? Have you written a blog post about your TpT experiences? Knock yourself out in the comments.

How to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers


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