Educators, everywhere, every day.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Everyone has a story.


Teachers Thriving shares the unique career stories of educators to help other educators get unstuck.



What do you need to fall in love with your work again?


Is it managing your workload to reclaim your personal life?
Is it taking the first steps towards building an area of expertise?
Is it raising your professional profile to move into a different role?



Are you ready to make changes to achieve the work life you desire?

In the stories of ordinary, everyday educators, you’ll discover ideas, information and advice.


I collect, write and publish them to inspire and motivate you.

About Trudy

Over the years I have met and worked with hundreds of dedicated and enthusiastic educators who make a difference in the lives of others. It’s what happens when you spend 30 years of your life as a teacher and principal. I currently work in a regional role spending my days supporting principals and teachers in thirty schools across Central Queensland, Australia.

In late 2014, conversations, comments online, news reports and exchanges on social media highlighted to me, the dissatisfaction and desperation educators were feeling. I compiled ‘101 Alternative Careers for Teachers’, not because I want people to leave education, but because I want educators to see they had options.  Lots of options. I gave the ebook away. I still do. You can grab a copy for yourself.

My ambition is to capture the personal stories and experiences of educators to reclaim the passion within our profession. As a side project, I have published a career and lifestyle magazine for teachers. It’s the kind of magazine you’ll look forward to reading in your time off – the complete opposite of the education journals found in the common room. Here is the Introductory Issue.

If any of this resonates with you, welcome! In this crazy wild place that is the internet, I’m humbled that you have read this far down the page.  I’d love to connect with you. Enter your email to join Teachers Thriving. It will allow me to keep you up to date with new projects as they develop.