5 Unique Resumes to Inspire Your Next Job Application

5 Unique Resumes

Ready to do something different to stand out in the job seeking crowd?
Want some inspiration to create a resume that truly represents you and your talents?
Here are 5 unique resumes that have caught the attention of more than the corporate HR department.

1. Nina Mufleh’s campaign to win a position at AirBnB went viral, to say the least, with half a million views on her Nina4AirBnB website. She scored an interview with the company, but not a job. You can read about her disappointment and subsequent success here.

Nina created a whitepaper to offer advice to others considering a creative approach for job applications.

2. Fang Liang: An enthusiastic Chinese teacher used a blogging platform to create a teaching portfolio, that doubles as her resume. Incorporating multi-media elements and documentation of her teaching experience, provides a compelling case and evidence of her capability.

3. David Crandall created the anti-resume manifesto using a slide show to proclaim he’s not just another cog in a machine, but a talented individual and an asset to any organisation.

4. With experience in corporate communications, the video curriculum vitae of Mark Leruste perfectly highlights his experience, talent and creativity. Titled, ‘Best Video CV Ever’ it is hosted on his site, A Dream Job Would Be Nice where you can read more about his interests and experiences, if you were considering hiring him.

5. Andrew Horner, decided to reverse-engineer the job hunting process, creating a reverse application website. In this case, companies had to go out of their way to meet Andrew’s standards, rather than the other way around, and as you’ve probably already guessed, he got hired.

5 Unique resumes to inspire your next job application

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