21 Online Teaching Sites to Better Reach Your Learners

This list includes online teaching sites to build online courses for students on campus, sites to build and sell courses to the open market and sites where teachers can be employed as online tutors.

The options for online teaching are forever growing and changing with new spaces being created all the time. If you know of a site I have omitted, or one that has recently been launched please leave a comment or contact me

Not for Profit – Elegant interfaces to create learning experiences for the world.

Alison.com – Alison is a global social enterprise dedicated to providing free certified education and workplace training skills to any individual, anywhere, anytime, on any subject over the web.

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative – The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) is a grant-funded group, offering innovative online courses to anyone who wants to learn or teach.

Gibbon.co – Gibbon makes it easy for everyone to create and follow simple paths of resources to learn anything. Inspired by its rich educational history, Gibbon is handcrafted in Leiden, the Netherlands. Follow the link to “Gibbon for Individuals’.

Instructables.com – With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.

Kubbu.com – Create activities, crosswords and quizzes for online practice, revision and examination.

LessonPaths.com – LessonPaths’ online learning platform allows anyone with a passion for what they do to curate websites, videos, blogs, and more into Learning Playlists.

Commercial Marketplace – Create and sell your own courses in the open marketplace

ed2go.com – As a virtual online college, ed2go offers the latest instructor-led online courses from the top professionals in their field. Follow the ‘Teach With Us’ link.

Gumroad.com – Sell guides, courses and tutorials directly to your audience. Add your course, name a price, and start selling instantly.

Skillshare.com – Skillshare classes are taught by everyday creators who are passionate about what they do. You don’t need to have experience or be well-known to start a class and grow a following.

Udemy.com – Online courses anytime, anywhere. Udemy is an online education marketplace with limitless variety.

WizIQ.com – WizIQ provides you with all the tools that are intuitive and easy to use so you can create courses and deliver at the pace your learners want to learn, wherever they are.

WorldAcademy.tv – Aimed at adult learners, World Academy is an online platform enabling professionals to pass on their knowledge and empower others.

Tutoring Companies – sites employing teachers to work from home as online tutors

BuddySchool.com – BuddySchool is an online tutoring platform with a simple set up for teachers to create a profile and lesson times.

Tutor.com – If you love your field and want to share your knowledge, you’ll love being an online tutor with Tutor.com. Follow the ‘Become a Tutor’ link.

TutorHub.com – The UKs best selection of online tutors. You need to be UK based and have an up-to-date CRB, DBS, Disclosure Scotland or Access Northern Ireland check.

TutorVista.com – TutorVista provides online tutoring to students across the world at a very affordable price. They hire a large number of qualified and committed tutors to teach online.

Institutional Partnerships – requires contractual agreements with institutions to create and access online learning programmes.

Adaptemy.com – Adaptemy partner with leading educational publishers to build courses and learning programmes.

Coursera.org – Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take.

edX.org – EdX offers quality courses from institutions who share a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

Lynda.com – Support K-12 teachers, staff and students with on-demand learning and 21st century skill development.

Sophia.org – Sophia provides teachers with resources to change and improve the way they operate their classroom with online tutorials, quizzes, playlists, and analytics.

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21 Online Teaching Sites

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