10 Mindfulness Tips from Teachers

I asked on social media recently,

What is your one tip to practise mindfulness during the day?

The responses were so practical I decided to compile them here to share these great ideas more broadly. So, here are ten mindfulness tips from your fellow teachers…

1. Close your eyes and take big deep breaths, concentrating on the breaths. (From my colleague and friend, Donna Butcher on Facebook)

2. I love taking a mindful moment doing a body scan and walking meditation as I’m walking from class to class. (Daniela Falechi @teacherwellbeing.)

3. Join in with my class when we do mindfulness after recess. (Jem Luck @jemluck)

4. I love using Go Noodle for their mindfulness videos. Easy for kids to understand and follow and I can join in too. (Mrs Attwood @gday_from_mrs_a)

5. I love to notice the sounds around me, especially to pause and notice the sounds further in the distance that are audible but far away so our brains usually filter them out as unimportant. (Ellen Ronalds Keene @selfcareforteachers)

6. Smiling Minds for my class and I. (Miss C @teacha_efa)

7. Make time in your day. We do it every day after first lunch. Make time for mindfulness, yourself. Something I’m trying to improve. (@coast2country_prep_classroom)

8. For my own mindfulness I switch off from devices and have a cup of tea. (Kate Younie @big_little_words)

9. I just always have instrumental music playing super quiet in the background all day – kids barely even notice it but they are sssooo much more calm, relaxed and focused. I just google ‘6 hours of relaxation music’. (from Marcos Bryant on Facebook)

10. Breathe. (Sheryl Chant @sherylchantartist)

And an extra bonus one from me…

Practise being present while doing playground duty. Notice the sun warming you or the breeze touching your skin. Watch the leaves rustle in the trees and listen for the birds or children playing. (from Trudy)

Do you have a tip to practise mindfulness in the busy-ness of your work day? Share it in the comments.

10 Mindfulness Tips from Teachers

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