An idea of a magazine for educators

Standing there, gazing upon the newsstand taking in row upon row of the titles and pretty front covers before me, it dawned on me.

Publish a magazine just for educators.

I have been captivated by Graziher, a beautifully simple publication sharing stories about women who work in agriculture and live in rural Australia. Similarly, I love the Collective Hub, a magazine with a great vibe for creative entrepreneurs. Flicking through the pages, the idea became stronger.

There is nothing out there that I have discovered that honors our profession by celebrating the diversity of educators, their roles, the communities they serve and the impact they make.

The magazine I dream of is nothing like the professional journals polluting the lunch room. This magazine is one that teachers actually look forward to reading in their time off. A magazine that nourishes and recharges them.

The pages would inspire us with stories of educators who have ventured down different career paths, lead an innovation, or influenced educational futures. Informative articles would assist with managing the workload, improving well-being and reducing stress. Reviews and recommendations for books, podcasts, apps, and videos could help us find work-life balance.

The magazine I visualize could best be described as a career and lifestyle magazine for educators.

Would you read a magazine for educators?
What sort of articles would you look forward to reading?

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  • I would definitely read a magazine for educators. Something fun and creative like “Where Women Create” only it could be “Where Educators Teach”. An inside look into classroom management, lesson planning, and all things education. Might be a newsstand best seller!!

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