101 Alternative Jobs for Teachers

Because your work should be a life calling, not a life sentence.

Are you in the early years of your career and feel stressed and overwhelmed? Feel like you’re going to explode because teaching has literally sucked the life out of you? Suffering from anxiety attacks, stomach aches, weight loss, and not sleeping? Are you thinking you just can’t do it any longer, but don’t want to waste everything you worked for to get your degree?

Have you got ten years left before you can think about retirement and hope to God you can make it? But really you’d just like to come up with a different employment plan?

Would you love a permanent teaching position but at the moment that’s like winning the lotto? Are you feeling defeated because you have years of experience but the higher pay rate means schools are reluctant to put you on?

Do you want part-time work with flexibility because you need to pay the bills and hope it could lead to something more permanent down the line?

Have you been teaching for fifteen years and as much as you hate to say it, you’re tired of it?
You’re tired of working your butt off, going above and beyond for your classes and never being noticed.
You’re tired of working 7 to 5 everyday and still bringing home marking and planning.
You’re tired of not spending time with your own children or partner because you’re always doing school stuff.

Would you love to find something else, but don’t know where to begin?

Start with “101 Alternative Jobs for Teachers”.

101 Alternative Jobs for Teachers

You can stop feeling trapped because there are numerous options with your education degree and experience.
You can find your perfect job where you are still teaching, but not stressed.
You can find work that rewards you well and gives you your life back.


There are 101 ideas as alternative jobs for teachers in this eBook, categorised in
– before you leave
– as an employee
– in your own business
– go online
plus links to five additional resources.


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